4 Poems

Four Poems by Christopher Berry

If What You Feel Is Real

If what you feel is real then never mind anyone else-
What's important is what you think and believe about yourself.
Of course, trust, honesty, patience, communication and understanding
Is what every relationship needs,
But who are you to make anyone believe-
It's your own fault that you continue to wear your heart on your sleeves,
And when she cuts you with her knife, you're the one who bleeds.
Sometimes, you have to learn how to let go and accept it for what it is-i.e. no means no-
Although failure is often hard and rejection is too,
But look at it as an experience to learn from and grow.
If what you feel is real,
That persistence overcomes resistance
Then you already know motion means progress
Depending on which way you go-
But nothing comes fast everything is slow-
If what you feel is real, then you already know.

Living Under Oppression

Suppression, Repression, Depression and Oppression are consequences of slavery just like incarceration. When you are inhibited by another from expression, that is Suppression; when you are held by another from realizing your full potential, or exercising your talents to the fullest extent, that is Repression; when you are prohibited from being the man, husband, brother, father, the friend or the lover that you know you can be, that contributes to Depression.
But none of these are worst than Oppression. When you are aware of how hard life already is for one or another under your care and custody, and you try to do nothing to reduce their suffering or you refuse to allow them to do something to reduce their own suffering, though it wouldn't hurt you to do so, then you have become an Oppressor.
Your enforce everything like an overseer, sitting atop his horse looking down at the slave, who doesn't allow any breaks to the slave, not even to drink water, since the master has set the rules of no breaks during work hours from sunup to sundown. You are the one so eager to oppress, that my pain becomes your pleasure and your pleasure becomes my pain. You make sure that he never finds and sense of pleasure real or imagined. His life must be a constant hell. And now it is your task as well as your pleasure to see this facilitated.
The Suppression Of Expression and Depression are the end result of your Oppression. The same as no one, but no one chosed to be enslaved during slavery, the same holds true for those incarcerated today. And while many may have committed the actual crimes that have landed them in Prison, there is/has been evidence to show that there are even more locked up that are completely innocent.
But an Oppressor only knows that you have been judge guilty and must therefore by punished, which is the one thing he specializes in dispensing.
You didn't make your job what it is, but your job made you what you are, i.e., an Oppressor; something you'll never know how it feels until you have been oppressed yourself. It makes no difference as to my location or the plantation I'm forced to be stationed, Oppression is the same everywhere you are--as in segregation.
But that is when and how you've become accustomed to LIVING UNDER OPPRESSION in this day and time.
Created by THE SOUL OF MINE, Jan 7, 2K6

If I can Make It Better

IF I can make it better- then that's all I want to do,
To make you smile and laugh,
and to know that things are good between me and you.

If I can make it better, I wouldn't ask for anything more-
Your understanding and patience is what I adore.

If I can make it better that would be my wish-
I promise to make no promises I cannot keep on my list.

If I can make it better there would never be any pain,
No more wars, poverty, homelessness, epidemics, nor starvation.

If I can make it better, I'd walk with you, talk with you while holding your hand-
The days would always be sunny; the nights would be nice and warm.
There would be so much for us to do that we wouldn't need a plan,
No, not even during storm
Yeah, I can make it better.

Created BY The Soul of Mine June 23,2004

That's the Way It Is
I've thought about it more than once, and then came to realize
That what I thought it was, it wasn't, it was just another lie.

That's just the way it is.

When I look into your eyes, I see hurt, emptiness, and pain
Caused by loneliness, the kind you're compelled to contain.

That's just the way it is.

But what I can't understand is how come you smile and laugh
Knowing what we both know,
Or is it a disguise as to what you really feel,
Because like you, I too know the real,
And don't tell me-

That's just the way it is.

Time reveals all to the eye,
And you'll remember what made you laugh
The day when it makes you cry.

Now, that's the way it is.

Created by Christopher Berry, professor of Love and Diverse Sciences; July 23, 2K3

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