Essay: Michael Jackson

CREATED BY: "The Soul Of Mine!" 6/29/2K9

Enough cannot be said in words to describe the enormous magnitude of the personality, character and life of The Invisible Man- Michael Jackson. Exactly who and what he was in Politically Correct terms, I think is impossible to define, but what was indeed certain is the fact that he was many things. He was in many estimates, the definition of Human Being; he was super intelligent, humble, emphathetic, compassionate, objective, timid, creative, ambitious, adventurous, unique, and mysterious.

He was very immature at his age, and this made him even more mystical and misunderstood. He was a boy inside a man's body, and he related better to child­ren the same age he was when he lost his own sense of childhood, b-cuz he had to work by force, not choice. He had to learn perfection before he could even understand what it meant to be famous. The saddest truths about The invisible Man- Michael Jackson is, that he was lonely as a child, as well as a man, and his eccentricness was his was of expressing to all, what he felt like inside. While he knew he could make millions of people young and old, Black, or White smile and feel good, he felt nothing but Pain inside.

Indeed he expressed his pain in ways that were strange to us, but what apparently must've been comfortable to him, such as the multiple cosmetic surgeries, which was a form of self-mutilation. Michael Jackson never cared about his external appearance, but he wanted to show the world that we were the one's with the problem based on how we judged him about his physical trans­formation in terms of his appearance. He didn't feel inside the way he looked to other's outside, esp. to women, who fainted over his charming looks. He felt ugly, sad, and lonely inside as a result of his abuse by his father during his childhood, so his music couldn't express enough, the pain, shame and hurt he lived with inside, so he elevated to the next level, which was to change his natural good looks, to one of pain, shame and ugliness, the true way of which he felt.

He endeavored to teach us, the fans, the critics, the media and the world a lesson, that it would be up to us to actually learn. Would we still have the capacity to love him-Michael Jackson for the same reasons we claimed to love him in the genesis, after he amended his outer appearance? Immediately we began our ritual of passing negative judgement and no one was exempt of this. [If], you were Black, you felt Michael was trying to be white, (if) you were white, you felt Michael was more white than you. So who really has the problem here? He was endeavoring to show us our own ugliness in how we perceive others. He wanted each of us man and woman, young and old, Black and White to take time to look in our own individual Mirrors, and see what it is about the person we see look'n back at us, could use some changing. It doesn't mean to change your looks, he never said that even in the song, it means to change your ways; change how you look at others that are different from you.

Judging another is very easy, but accepting someone else's judgement of us, or judging ourselves is so hard that we never even contemplate it. I say we b'cuz, I'm also guilty of this deed called judging. However, whatever lessons were there to be learned, I believe I've finally learned them at the fate of a Dearly beloved lonely and now lost soul, Brotha, friend, Icon, Legend, and most importantly Human Being in the name of Michael Jackson....

Let's be honest, with the exception of some, we loved Michael Jackson (not) due to how he looked appearance wise except for how bad, slick and cold he looked doing his signature dance, the moon walk. It was his mezmerizing voice and profoundly hypnotizing rymthraic base melodies that gripped us from the inside,and wouldn't let us go, and so we couldn't ever fathom letting him go. In essence Michael lived and thrived off the love we showered him with, but when that love slowed and to him seemed to stop, so did his heart beats began slowing; all
the "whacko Jacko" ridicule, and ultimately he died of a mass heart attack, or broken heart that couldn't bare another ounce of pain, and he was only fifty yrs. young; though as a boy of 9yrs., he had already lived the life of a man.

I'm not sure what Michael saw in mirror, I'm only certain that what reflected back to the world, was merely a shadow of who he really was, and had learned to become The invisible Man... Now in his demise many hope to unviel his disguise to solve the true mystery, that was and will always be apart of African American History. When we listen to his music from this point forward, we will remember to listen to more than just the spoken words. Mike said, "I never sing N-Ething I don't feel". He also said to Diane Sawyer in an interview: "When you call me Jacko, that hurts me, I have a heart and it's not nice to say that, I'm Jackson".

It may be those words spoken by Michael Jackson, that will forever hunt the conscience of those of us who referred to him by the derogatory misnomer "whacko Jacko", which quite possibly may be the single thing that drove him to commit suicide. "I'm Michael Jackson!" I will always remember those words. "So; I bid you a farewell My Beloved Brother, Idol and Inspiration. Know that your life as well as your music has had and everlasting impact and impression upon the hearts and minds of millions upon millions of people. You single handly broke the stereotypical racial barriers with your words in the form of songs, and no one can ever forget that. "You were and always will be a Legend, and Musical Genius. "Well pleased be ye' with God, and well pleased is God with thee. Now you deserve to R.I.P....
. -- . R.I.P. Big Brother
——Created By,
• The Soul of Mine