Letter to sentencing Judge

THE CALL FOR JUSTICE by Christopher Berry
On May 24, 1999, I took the liberty to address the attention of the trial, and sentencing Judge. The following are excerpts from that letter.

Dear Honorable Judge Pteck:

May it please Your Honor, I, the above named defendant and prisoner, respectfully and humbly compose this sincere dissertation to you as a "Message of Truth," that you will hopefully read rather than simply peruse over. I understand your role as judge quite better today sir, than compared to the year 1991, which is the never forgotten year of what I call "The Trial of Racine's 20th Century." That, as stated, is a year never to be forgotten, at least not by me as long I shall live. I'll forgo going into all the basics as that which is known need not be explained. And that is why I felt compelled to address Your Honor today to state with all clarity and intelligence, the facts and truth which were hidden, undisclosed, and concealed in "The Trial of Racine's 20th Century." Therefore your Honor, I respectfully request that you please bear with me a moment while I move to dispense these thoughts while they remain so fresh in mind. It will only require a few minutes of your time.
Statement of Facts
I begin by quoting United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who also serves as Circuit Justice for the 11lh Judicial Circuit. He espoused these words:
"Few places are a more real expression of the constitutional authority of the government than the court room where the law itself unfolds. Within the courtroom, the government invokes its laws to determine the rights of those who stand before it. In full view of the public, litigants press their cases, witnesses give testimony, juries render verdicts, and judges act with the utmost care to ensure that justice is done."
In response to that statement and based on personal experience as a defendant, witness, and victim, I will say quite candidly, that I admire the above Supreme Court Justice's analysis of what his experiences are. But what he describes in general is in particular a view that is not shared in common by the many destitute and disenfranchised persons, who like myself have the personal experience of being a defendant, witness, and victim all at once.
Sir, you will recall in the year of 1776, it was written, "We hold these truths to be self-evident," and one of them was "that all men are created equal." Your Honor, without equivocating, I can personally say that in 1991, there was no equality of treatment displayed in your courtroom during the "Berry Trial" or in 1992 in Berry's appeal. As a matter of fact and truth, I was legally "lynched" in your courtroom by the very people who Justice Kennedy had observed were responsible for upholding and protecting my "proclaimed" civil rights.
Allow me to elucidate my point for you. As you know, Attorney Joe Kremkoski, a court commissioner, was appointed by you to defend my common interests, "Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness" against the state accusers. And it is my understanding of the law one of my guaranteed rights during a criminal trial is that of the 6th Amendment to "effective assistance of counsel." It is already a point in matter capable of being demonstrated and shall be that Mr. Kremkoski, a lawyer that worked for you as a court commissioner, was everything but effective. He was a good show, but no more than that. The state District Attorneys Ms. Joan Korb and Zoe Stowers should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for what they advocated at my trial, and 1 note that that they are just the obverse of what they should be.
The state in this case has committed vast errors, which resulted in the tainting of a witness and ultimately in an illegal, unconstitutional, and biased conviction. Possibly they have committed a felony i.e. misconduct in public office, as defined in 946.12 of Wisconsin statutes. Attorney Kremkoski, trial counsel, has also committed vast errors, which amounted to the prejudicing and absolute denial of my 5th, 6th, and 14"th amendment guaranteed rights, thus aiding the state in its wrongful conviction of me.
In the book of Matthew it says Jesus remained silent during all the questioning at his trial. The oppressors challenged Him to save Himself. I am not Jesus, and that is why I cannot remain silent today, for it is my soul that speaks, and this is "The Call For Justice."
Christopher Berry
Judge Pteck
Racine County Circuit Court
Racine, WI

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