Christopher Berry, Innocent

By Christopher Berry
In May 1991 at the age of just 18 years I was arrested on charges of first-degree intentional homicide. The state alleged that I gave a gun to a then 1l year-old boy, Terrance Simpson, and ordered him to shoot and kill a 21 year-old man named Darnell Williford. It was alleged to have been due to a drug dispute. In Aprii of l99l while on top of the roof of a community center, this 11 year-old shot and killed Mr. Williford with a handgun.
The trial was nationally televised and dubbed as Racine's first and youngest murderer. I sat before a large audience uneducated and uncertain of my fate. I told the courkoom audience and the world watching me on television that the only thing I thought would help me was "nothing but the truth so help me God."
I was asked, "Did you ask Mr. Simpson to shoot Damell?" I answered,'No, I did not."
"Did you give Terrance Simpson a gun to shoot Mr. Williford?" I answered. "No. I did not."
"Did you get into a dispute with Mr. Williford over some drugs?" I answered, "Yes, but the drugs were not mine nor his."
I went on to admit that I was angry at Williford for the way he came into the house that I was in and that I chased him with a sawed-off shotgun out into the street along with my Rottweiler dog. I also admitted that the gun was unloaded. I told the whole truth! Jesus said, "The truth shall set you free." This is the understanding I had of that statement at that time.
Today I am blessed to have a little more education than I had in 1991l . I have lost a mother who always believed in her son's innocence but who never got the chance to witness the truth come out with her eyes. Today a decade has passed, and I am still incarcerated, presently at the Supermax.

WHEN YOU'VE SEEN A MAN By Christopher Berry
When the days of a man are long and enduring and his nights are restless and boring—when you've seen a man whose laughter is replaced with tears in his eyes, whose soul is wretched from deep down hidden pain inside, whose greatest task of his life was to learn how to swallow his pride, sorrow and grief defines his emotions day after day while encased within his tomb, that he is forced to call a room which is empty and exempt of color, you can see how his eyes are filled with gloom.
219210 isn't just any number, where he's at that is equivalent a name. How sad but true it is that some people believe a shorter number gives him fame, and he is proud of his number name—all the same.
But to some it's a disgrace and brings shame to the family's name and stripes that are like strikes in a place that we call society, where in truth no one is really free except one who believes in God and not just this Government of Democracy. Yes, if you've ever seen a man as the one described above, you know you probably have just seen the author hereof. But you can just call him ME!
One may ask this question a thousand and one times but will never obtain an answer. It has nevertheless been proven time and time again that where the poor, disenfranchised African Americans arc concerned, justice has always been indifferent and guilty of racism in America. This excludes the O.J and Ray Lewis but includes the Rodney Kings, Mumia Abu Jamuals and most recenly the Christopher Berry's for that matter.
After ten years of diligent searching and uncovering of exculpatory evidence in the state of Wisconsin V Christopher Berry case, a recantation affidavit by the state's star witness (the actual shooter in case) clearly vindicating Mr. Berry of all involvement in the homicide of April 29,1991 in Racine, WI, Judge Ptacek on Nov. 9,2001 at the final 974.06 motion hearing, did biasly deny the petition and thus continued the undisputed legacy and tradition of Old Glory with the same Story under a New Order.
How innocent is justice isn't a question that needs answering when it is self-explanatory on its face.
Christopher Berry #219210
P. O. Box 9900 Boscobel, WI 53805

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