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The Case
Summary of the Facts IN RE: Of State of Wisconsin v. Christopher Berry. 91-CP-485.
In my evaluations of the State's case against the defendant - Berry, compared with all the available and especially the missing evidence of government witnesses testimonies, and with that of the resurrected facts of co-defendants Terry Jackson, Cornelius Hunter and with much emphasis on the culprit, defendant, Terrance Simpson' s admissions and recantations, it is only obvious that the District Attorney and the Racine Police detectives all were acting in concert of a conspiracy to deprive defendant Berry of his Constitutional Rights to due process, a fair trial and equal protection of the laws. They also violated his substantive right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. In accord with the 5 , 8th and 14th amendments. In my observations I am now certain without any reasonable doubt that the State of Wisconsin knowingly, intentionally, spitefully, willfully and purposefully presented false, slanted and harmful testimony and information before the court and jury on the day of the trial.
With statements from Terry Jackson in writing admitting that he lied on the preliminary that subject me to be bound over for trial, is to be inferred that the state had knowledge that he was lying, and this also can be inferred from the states action and decision to later prosecute Mr. Terry Jackson.
I have been in the process of conducting my own private and personal investigation and so far much has turned up, and I am convinced by the facts of this new evidence that I, defendant Berry was and am a victim of a government conspiracy in the race for certain elections during the political season for judges, D.AA, police officials and the entire judicial system.
The facts show that the judge which presided over my case as well as the two female D.A.'s, were all new to this system and that it is no wonder the state opened its case in the following words: "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, you all know how our system works." I at that time did not know how it worked but over the years I have done and have committed myself to a lot of Studies in the area of politics and judiciary administration. I have now read a multitude of cases where it is evident that the two work in conjunction. They have in the name of politics conspired to and have convicted a magnitude of innocent persons without any regard for those person's rights secured by the Constitution of the United States of America.
We all know or should know what the definition of a citizen is: "one who, under the Constitution and laws of the U.S., or a particular state, is a member of the political community owing allegiance and being entitled to the enjoyment of full civil rights."
Now I ask, does this statement "full civil rights" only apply to those "particular or initiated few?" Why then was I wrongfully, illegally and unconstitutionally pronounced guilty at a mock trial. Was I stripped and literally raped and robbed of my FULL CIVIL RIGHTS? Furthermore, why am I now in the fight for my life that was robbed from me? My liberty has been unlawfully stolen from me.
I wish to impose these questions on the majority of our nation as well as the minority, whether conservative, liberal or independent. Of course I understand that I may not have looked innocent because of the shade of my skin or because of who I was said to have been, but I don't recall a law anywhere holding that I must LOOK innocent.!
To the contrary it states, "no one can look into the mind of a person to infer his guilt or innocence, rather it must be based solely upon the evidence put forth by the State who has the burden of proving his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. It doesn't even hold that I had to prove my innocence, but rather the opposite. I am supposed to be innocent before proven guilty and not the contrary!
However, in my case the contrary to the above was more the case. It was nothing more than a silent conspiracy where everyone, including the judge, D.A. and witnesses of the State knew their judicial duty which was as Malcolm X once stated: "By any means necessary
"By any means necessaryl By any means necessary!" These words still reverberate in the back of my mind. I wonder exactly at the number of how many innocent persons have become a victim of government conspiracies. One knows for sure that the history of such are well documented.
Before the book closes on me and my case, my only hope for justice and freedom depend on four sources of whom only one is truly independent of all, Allah (God), our highest power. Co-defendant Terrance Simpson, the principal actor in the case, co-defendant Terry Jackson, the second primary actor in the case, and State witness Cornelius Hunter, a primary factor in the States case against me.
It is not to be expected of the State or the D.A. to admit that they are wrong, but the TRUTH once told by the defendants will leave no room for misunderstandings. The Government must prove the defendant's membership in a conspiracy by the defendants own words and not by the words of others. See U.S. V. Lahey. 55F3d 1289: U.S. V. Dunigan. 884F2d 1010: and U.S. V. Ott. 741F2d 226....
Rest assures in the philosophy: "Truth crushed to the earth shall rise again." Christopher X. Berry #219210 5/3|05'

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